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Showing 1–16 of 18 results

Acrylic Sneeze Guards: Your Essential Safety Measure

In these uncertain times, protection is key, particularly when it comes to maintaining a safe environment for both staff and customers. That’s where our sneeze guards come into play, designed to offer that extra layer of safety you need right here in Australia.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Our Acrylic Sneeze Guards are versatile and robust, easily fitting onto your desk, counter, or countertop. Made from 3mm clear acrylic screen and 6mm acrylic feet, these Perspex shields are portable and easy to clean, making them an ideal solution for any workspace where customer interaction is essential.

Glass Sneeze Guards

For a more permanent solution, consider our Glass Sneeze Guards. These screens are sturdy and durable, making them an excellent option for high-traffic areas. With the use of glass clamps or standoff pins, installation is a breeze, ensuring the safety of your customers and employees with minimal effort.

Hanging Sneeze Screens

Our Hanging Sneeze Screens offer a unique alternative to traditional guards. Using either 3mm or 4.5mm acrylic, these screens can be hung from the ceiling, providing an effective barrier against sneezes and coughs without encroaching on counter space.

Side Fix Sneeze Screens

For those with unique countertop configurations, our Side Fix Sneeze Screens might be the answer. With the help of pin fix standoffs, these screens can be installed directly onto your counter, providing an efficient and effective barrier against airborne particles.

Wrap Around Sneeze Guards

For those who need a more comprehensive solution, our Wrap Around Sneeze Guards are ideal. Expertly laser cut and heat bent, these screens provide an extensive barrier, complete with heat bent installation tabs at the bottom.

Standing Sneeze Guard

A standing sneeze guard is perfect for professionals in close contact with customers such as barbers, beauticians and more. It offers an extra layer of protection while maintaining visibility and communication with clients.

Custom Sneeze Screens

For those who need a bespoke solution, we offer custom sneeze guards Australia wide. Our in-house engineers use CAD design before transferring the design to our flatbed laser cutter for fabrication. This ensures a customised sneeze guard that perfectly suits your needs.

For a quote, contact us on and provide your requirements. To provide you with an accurate quote, we would need the following information:

  • The required length for Sneeze Screen
  • Size of the openings (for payment and passing items)
  • Width of the counter top
  • A photo of the counter (not essential)

Equip your business with our high-quality sneeze guards today and ensure a safer environment for all.


How do I clean acrylic or plexiglass sneeze guards?
Maintaining the cleanliness of your acrylic or plexiglass sneeze guards is essential for hygiene and longevity. To ensure correct cleaning, please click here.
Do sneeze guards protect against COVID-19?
While sneeze guards aren’t a foolproof method of preventing the spread of COVID-19, they add a significant layer of protection by blocking respiratory droplets, which may contain the virus.
When is a sneeze guard required?
A sneeze guard is particularly useful in any environment where face-to-face interactions occur, such as in shops, restaurants, offices, and salons.
Are sneeze guards mandatory?
Depending on your locality and the nature of your business, sneeze guards may be required as part of health and safety regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Where can I purchase sneeze guards?
You’re in the right place! Take a look at our top-quality sneeze guards above.
Are sneeze guards effective?
Yes, sneeze guards are highly effective at preventing the spread of germs via respiratory droplets.
What material are sneeze guards made from?
Primarily, sneeze guards are fabricated from acrylic or Perspex. For more permanent installations, glass can also be used.
How are sneeze guards manufactured?
Our acrylic sneeze guards are intricately designed by in-house engineers using CAD, then cut with our state-of-the-art flatbed laser cutter. If required, we further fabricate using a heat bender.
Where should sneeze guards be situated?
Sneeze guards are ideally positioned in areas where close person-to-person interaction occurs, such as at tills, reception desks, or food counters.
How tall should sneeze guards be?
The height of a sneeze guard depends on its specific application. Our standard height is 600mm, which suits most situations. However, we offer custom sizes to cater to your unique needs.
How do I install a sneeze guard?
Before assembly, please remove the protective films on both sides of the screen and stands. They’re generally clear or white. After completely removing the films, simply slide the acrylic feet on to the screen guard. Be careful during this process due to the delicate nature of the materials.